Logistics of your products to other countries


Storing your products in full-field facilities in the USA and Europe

Discount on shipments by Russian Post to other countries.

Program participants receive a discount of up to 80% on export mail delivery rates.
• No restrictions on delivery geography
• No restrictions on the number of shipments
• No restrictions on the value of goods sent
• Processing of shipments practically does not differ from standard postal services.

*PANGEYA partner of Russian Post on subsidized delivery to other countries
** To join the program you need to sign a contract with PANGEYA. Register on the Russian Post portal mpo.pochta.ru.

Fullfillment in the US and Europe for sellers on marketplaces.

Integrated with the region’s leading marketplaces and delivery services
Reduced delivery time in Europe and North America
Ability to pay for services in Russia
All processing of your goods, including returns
Technical import service in these regions
Kitting and shipment to buyers of marketplaces
*Actual price for the current day are sent on request.

Sell products on leading marketplaces with PANGEYA

Convenient solution for scaling your sales with minimal investment

We will place your products in our stores on international marketplaces

*Relevant for the largest virtual commerce marketplaces

Payment based on fixed-price or % of sales

Benefits in numbers

A side-by-side comparison of the costs associated with launching sales in international markets independently versus through PANGEYA as shown on the example of Germany
Legal entity establishment2000 - 4500 €0 €
Legal entity management per year 1500 - 3000 €0 €
Marketplace account management per yearfrom 10000 €from 10% of turnover
Infrastructure development1000 - 3000 €0 €
Marketplace linking1000 - 3000 €0 €
Losses due to erroneous calculation1000 - 3000 €0 €
Total fixed costs in year 116500 - 26400 €0 €
Legal entity establishment
2000 - 4500 €
0 €
Legal entity management per year
1500 - 3000 €
0 €
Marketplace account management per year
from 10000 €
from 10% of turnover
Infrastructure development
1000 - 3000 €
0 €
Marketplace linking
1000 - 3000 €
0 €
Losses due to erroneous calculation
1000 - 3000 €
0 €
Total fixed costs in year 1
16500 - 26400 €
0 €
* Estimates based on the PANGEYA sales model.

Learn how to operate in new markets

PANGEYA will provide your employees training on how to work on favorable marketplaces

Training format:

  • webinars;
  • individual expert consultations;
  • Cost of 1 block of training on international marketplaces = 400 euros (includes 2 hours of training and 2 hours of preparation).
  • Cost of 1 consultation = 300 euros (includes 1 hour of consultation and 2 hours of training)

The program can consist both of basic and individually tailored programs

The range of solutions from niche analysis on the marketplace to the creation of a marketing strategy::


E-commerce analytics of sales on the marketplace by brand, category, competitors


Analyzing data on import and sales of similar products in a selected country


Consulting on marketplaces


Formation of marketing strategy


Promotion with the help of internal advertising tools of marketplaces


Promotion with external traffic (Google Ads, FB, IG, Pinterest)


IT solutions and integrations

Cost of analytics of sales on marketplaces on competitors for 1 product, 1 category = 200 euros.
Term of preparation of analytics for 1 product/1 category – 7-8 working days

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