What we do

PANGEYA created an infrastructure with readily available end-to-end services allowing you to propel your company to the global marketplace.

Opening stores on international marketplaces

Analyzing sales on major e-marketplaces

Employee training on global marketplaces

Storage of goods in full-field warehouses in the countries of sale

Advertising and promotion of products in other countries

Selling your products through PANGEYA stores on marketplaces

Advising on export sales and access to global markets

We strive to ensure that every manufacturer has the opportunity to sell on every continent on the planet

Pangea is a single supercontinent that existed about 175 million years ago. With the advent of the information technology era and online commerce, we are uniting continents once again, helping brands transcend borders and distances. Today, PANGEYA is an international company that helps manufacturers expand their sales geographies in global markets.

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