Reputation is the most important intangible asset a company can have.

E-commerce is no exception to this: to succeed it is necessary to deliver a high level of service on a daily basis. Moreover, when running a business with a complex and long supply chain, ensuring reliability and quality at each stage is key.

PANGEYA cooperates with the biggest market players whose names have become the synonym for quality.

Therefore our clients can rest assured that logistics, fulfillment, promotion, analytics, and other e-commerce operations will be in good hands.

Leading SaaS e-commerce platform

Cloud e-commerce platform

SaaS e-commerce platform

The analytical platform for the Wildberries marketplace

Bank for entrepreneurs and enterprises

International law firm operating in the Russian market since 2009.

The world’s leading logistics company: delivery from oversized to small but vital cargo.

The largest fulfillment operator in Russia. Founded in 2010.

A marketing agency focused on digital brand promotion. Enabling online solutions to meet challenges of various complexity.

Tech PR for more than 10 years in Russia, CIS, and around the world.

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