Sales management on global marketplaces
Supply your products across the world
Our company

Pangeya is a global marketplace sales management company.


We want every producer to be able to sell products across all the continents of the world.

We understand all customer requirements and provide quality services.
  • Connecting companies to the worldwide marketplaces.
  • Maintaining accounts on international marketplaces.
  • Consulting on working on electronic trading platforms.
  • Building optimal supply chains.
  • Sales Analytics by category, segment and region.
  • Organization of storage of goods and order processing.
  • Product promotion.
  • Calculating the unit-economy by region and marketplace.
Phases of work
We select suitable marketplaces for your products
We analyze the niche: target audience, competitors, market capacity
We collect the necessary documents and register accounts
We add into the account product cards using high-quality content
We help with promotion and selling goods
We organize logistics, storage and processing of your products
We work with
... and more than 70 other electronic trading platforms
Our partners
SaaS management platforms
  • Full range of work on all global electronic trading platforms.
  • Quick start of sales on "closed" European marketplaces.
  • 24/7 customer service anywhere in the world.
  • One-time connection to 20 or more global marketplaces.
  • Unique expertise in international brand promotion.
  • Analytics and sales forecasting based on big data.