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About Us

In 2018, PANGEYA launched a new ground-breaking product in the e-commerce field.

Our team took on an ambitious task: to help manufacturers from all over the world reach global e-commerce platforms. Today we are here to help you access online markets of 50 countries and virtual showrooms of 120 marketplaces.

Is your local market getting too crowded?

We can help you discover new horizons!

120 marketplaces
with a +1 BN customer base
50+ countries
where you can sell your goods

The world’s leading e-commerce platforms

Marketplaces are the future
By 2023 two-thirds of global online purchases will be made on marketplaces.
The most popular marketplace among Internet users around the world
One of the leading international marketplaces available in 190 markets
Polish online marketplace, Europe’s 3rd most visited online trading platform
Leading e-commerce platform in Latin America
The largest German retailer leading online fashion retail in Europe
French e-commerce leader

And other marketplaces worldwide

Ready-made solutions
for everyone!

We have a lot to offer for both large market players and developing brands.

For whom

E-commerce marketplaces provide for a convenient and effective sales channel both for small business owners and major international companies.

If you have just started selling online, we can help you:

  • analyze sales by brand, category, competitors on the e-commerce trading platform;
  • select the most suitable marketplaces for your business;
  • launch sales: connect to the site, fill out your company profile, arrange the first delivery, and much more.

The rate of Internet adoption and the level of online sales are steadily increasing around the world every year.

For those already present on local marketplaces, we offer:

  • boosting sales through a sound online marketing strategy, content optimization, and online advertising;
  • expanding and scaling of sales channels;
  • outsourcing your sales support to PANGEYA.

The solution for those who do not want to be limited to selling goods in one market or country.

For companies with ambitious goals and popular products, we offer:

  • growing sales on current marketplaces via various promotional tools, analytics, and others;
  • increasing brand presence and reach, connecting new marketplaces in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and the Middle East;
  • opportunity analysis and new market entry assessments, and sales tests through PANGEYA’s accounts.

Do you want to develop your business and sell more without diving into the details of e-commerce marketplaces?

There is a solution for wholesale suppliers and manufacturers.

  • The PANGEYA company offers product distribution services on marketplaces in various countries and continents and serves as a brand representative and importer all over the world.

How we work

Step: 1

Introduction. Goals and objectives setting.

1 week
Step: 2

Information gathering

1-2 weeks
Step: 3

Business proposal alignment

1-3 weeks
Step: 4

Signing the papers. Payment

2-3 weeks
Step: 5

Account registration/delivery per reseller model

2-5 weeks
Step: 6

Generating first profits. Further support*


3-15 weeks
1st week
2nd week
3rd week
4th week
5th week
6th week
15th week
*The online-business scaling roadmap presented here reflects the average time for the release of goods on marketplaces.

Benefits of working with us

Working on your own


300 – 5 000 €



Need to research and familiarise oneself with the numerous marketplace contracts, a process that takes time and requires a strong legal background.


Need to organize and monitor the content creation process.

PANGEYA’s Approach


0 €



Full scope of work across all global e-commerce platforms.


Access to 120 marketplaces in 50+ countries around the world.


Quick sales launch on closed European marketplaces

Our clients

Our success is, first and foremost, the success of our customers.
At PANGEYA we take pride in our clients’ trust and are committed to maintaining long-term prosperous relationships.

An Italian brand inspired by great expeditions and fearless explorers. Napapijri’s products are premium casual wear, bags, shoes, and accessories.


Reliable electric appliances for every home! Founded in 2006 as a Belarusian and German joint venture, the ARESA company grew into one of the household appliances market leaders in Eastern Europe, the Baltics, the Caucasus, Central Asia.

Hell Energy Drink

The Hungarian energy drink is GMO and preservatives free, offering premium quality at a fair price. The assortment includes tasty flavors such as tutti frutti, red grapes, apples, and mixed fruits.


The South Korean La’Dor has been producing hair and scalp care products since 2008. Its mission is to develop products that will give every woman professional hair care at home.


MAYER & BOCH has established itself as a reliable supplier of medium-priced kitchen and home goods with an assortment of over 8,000 different products including stainless steel cookware, ceramics, home appliances, and much more.

Start exploring new markets now!

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Frequently Asked Question

We offer several forms of cooperation depending on the client’s requests. Below are the main areas of work:

  • connecting companies to international marketplaces, launching client’s online stores;
  • marketing promotion and technical support of virtual stores on marketplaces;
  • selling customer’s’ products through PANGEYA’s stores on electronic trading platforms;
  • training on how to work on marketplaces.

There is no 100% sales guarantee. Sales depend on many factors that are often beyond our control: demand, seasonality, competition, and others.

However, for those who are not yet ready to enter marketplaces on their own and want to understand how it works, PANGEYA offers a service of distributing goods through its own online shops. In this case, there is a greater likelihood of a sale guarantee.

If you are already selling on marketplaces, we can help you:

  • audit existing stores in order to increase sales;
  • provide you full account support, leaving you with more time for other important tasks;
  • develop a marketing plan;
  • expand to international marketplaces.

In today’s e-commerce world the global leaders undoubtedly are Amazon and eBay.

If your products are a good fit for these marketplaces, it makes sense to go to them first. If you find it difficult to choose, PANGEYA will help you find the right marketplace for your company, based on your business goals and objectives as well as the product specifications.

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