Why You Choose Us

We know that becoming a global seller can be challenging

Experienced in working and promoting in international marketplaces.

Existence of well-functioning infrastructure for work in other countries

Multilingual customer service anywhere in the world

Ready-made solutions
for everyone!

We have a lot to offer both large market players and developing brands.

Risks of doing international commerce on your own



There are a lot of things to do such as in-depth information research, lengthy process building, and abundant paperwork to go through.


Losing money

It is necessary to maintain a staff of employees: from consultants and analytics to marketers and translators.


Legal risks

Errors in tax reporting pose a threat of hefty fines and other penalties by tax authorities.


Low efficiency

Failure to use tools and analytics can lead to low sales.


Poor support

Not all marketplaces are focused on working with suppliers. You can wait several days for answers to important questions.


Country risks

Regularly emerging barriers or restrictions for businesses in new countries.


Benefits of working with Pangeya



PANGEYA knows everything about online commerce. Well-established partnerships in e-commerce and experience in sales on international marketplaces will save your key resource – time.


Saving money

PANGEYA saves your money by managing processes: documentation flow, market analysis, logistics, fulfillment, and promotion. No hidden fees or commissions.


Legal security

PANGEYA is your reliable assistant in tax legislation, regardless of the geography of sales.


High efficiency

PANGEYA’s expertise in an international brand promotion will allow you to reach the expected sales volumes quickly.


Strong support

PANGEYA’s customer service is available 24/7 anywhere in the world. Our employees speak 6 languages and promptly resolve issues of any complexity.


Independence from constraints

PANGEYA can always sell your products through its stores on international marketplaces registered to local companies.


Keep you updated

With PANGEYA you will always know all the latest news, promotions and any innovations of the marketplace where we will place your product.

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