Frequently Asked Question

PANGEYA cares about its customers and values their time. That is why we have collected the most frequently asked questions in one place.

We offer several cooperation options depending on the clients’ tasks. The main areas of work are:

  • connecting companies to international marketplaces;
  • promotion and support of the Customer’s stores on marketplaces;
  • sale of goods through PANGEYA stores on marketplaces;
  • logistics of the Customer’s products to other countries;
  • technical import of products in other countries;
  • warehousing of products at full-field stores in Europe and the USA;
  • training on marketplaces;
  • analytics of sales on electronic marketplaces by brand/category/competitors;
  • promotion through external tools/external traffic (Google Ads, FB, IG, Pinterest), internal tools of marketplaces;
  • consulting on marketplaces and export.

With a greater degree of probability we can guarantee sales if you work with us on the scheme of selling your goods through the company Pangea, thereby giving all processes related to the realization of goods on marketplaces completely to us. This scheme of work is a win-win for both parties (win-win), as you do not have the initial costs for the launch and maintenance of the store, you pay only % of sales. Other formats of work do not give guarantees, as sales depend on many factors: demand, seasonality, competition, quality of service, promotion, prices of goods and so on.

If you are already selling on marketplaces, we can help you with:

  • expanding your sales channel/representation on marketplaces in other countries;
  • logistics to other countries via Russian Post with a discount of up to 80%;
  • storage of your products on budget full-fields in the USA and Europe;
  • analytics of international marketplaces.

To date, the following sites can be distinguished in the world: Amazon, eBay and ETSY. In Russia, in the sphere of e-commerce, the most obvious leaders are Ozon and Wildberries.
If your products correspond to these marketplaces, then it makes sense to go to these online platforms in the first place. If you find it difficult to choose, PANGEYA can help you find the most suitable marketplace for your business, based on your goals and objectives, as well as the specifics of your products.

It is possible to connect to Russian marketplaces in a few days, depending on the readiness of all the documents requested by the electronic trading platform. The terms of connection to European marketplaces depend heavily on the general readiness of the brand and vary from 1 month to half a year. We have already formed optimal schemes of work and this allows us to minimize the time. If you try to connect to Western marketplaces on your own, the terms often increase several times, because the brand has to deal with a large number of different issues on its own, losing the most important resource – time.

It all depends on the category of goods, for some products certification is not required. If necessary, it is possible to obtain the necessary certification on the most attractive conditions with the help of Pangea partners.

The cost of our package solutions for Russian marketplaces starts from 15,000 rubles depending on the scope of work, number of SKUs, type of marketplace and other parameters.
The cost of work on foreign marketplaces starts from 100 euros.

We provide training on working with personal accounts on marketplaces and give recommendations on further support. This is a paid service.

If you want to protect your trademark, we can help you with its registration. However, this is not a prerequisite for selling goods on marketplaces.
If you want to sell goods on the distribution model through Pangea accounts – you need to get an EAC quality certificate. Our team is also ready to help you with this.

Unfortunately, in most cases this is not allowed. The best option is to work through a legal entity. If you do not have got any, there is an solution: PANGEYA’s partners will help you get the required legal status as soon as possible.

Yes, it is possible. However, in this case a lot depends on the e-commerce platform where you schedule to sell your product. Some marketplaces allow shipping the goods directly from the seller’s warehouse. You can always get up-to-date information from PANGEYA’s specialists.

The cost of the service depends on many factors: the type of marketplace (open or closed), the number of sites to be connected, whether or not you have a legal entity, the format of full-fielding, logistics, etc. The cost of PANGEYA services starts from 100 €.

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